Supporting Those Yet to Come

Before I joined Chi Alpha, I was a clamshell Christian, priding myself on how strong I appeared on the outside but terrified to open myself up to others.

The “perfect” persona I projected and fought so hard to maintain often made me unapproachable and served as a significant barrier to true intimacy with others and even more so, with Jesus.

In Chi Alpha, I found a group of people committed to walking in humility and vulnerability before each other and the Lord, and their willingness to come alongside me in my journey to discovering my identity in Christ and living it out authentically forever changed my life.


Through them, God taught me the meaning of unconditional love and servant leadership, as well as spiritual disciplines that continue to shape me on a daily basis. Chi Alpha was and still is my family, which is why I give to support those who seek to provide that family to students who were like me and to those who have never experienced the powerful, saving love of Jesus Christ.

Though it sounds cliche, I found myself, and more importantly, the King of kings and Lord of lords through XA, and I am committing to giving my resources to help other students do the same. As I learned during my time in XA, money is not eternal, but people are, and thus, it is a privilege to give to that which “neither moth nor flame destroys.”


Chi Alpha is reaching students with the love of Jesus at NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. Today, many students arrive at a university campus having never heard about Jesus. Yet 8 out of 10 people who do not choose to follow Jesus by age 25 never will.

College students are our future. Soon, they will lead nations, communities and families. Imagine if they did so while living out a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Students are the most strategic mission field on the planet. Invest in a student and you invest in the world. Would you consider partnering with us in both this summer? Help us raise $10,000 to reach the 10,000 new students on our Triangle campuses.

Make a strategic investment for a strategic time.