The Power of a Gospel-Centered Community

A Gospel-centered community can change the life of college students.


I wasn’t a Christian when I showed up for freshman year, but students from Chi Alpha helped move me in. They invited me to something called ‘small group.’ I showed up without knowing what it was. We talked about how our weeks went and then started reading from the Bible.

Something weird happened – they asked me what I thought about it and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. I kept coming back each week and started to notice that the love, peace and hope we were reading about was being lived out in front of me.

I gave my life to Christ because I wanted to have what my new friends had, a relationship with Jesus.

Over the next few years of college, God used Chi Alpha to challenge me to grow I my faith. I had a community of people to mentor me, pray with me and show me what it looks like to live out my faith.

Now I get to work with Chi Alpha at NC State to help build a Gospel-centered community. God uses community to transform people’s lives in ways we can’t imagine. I believe in reaching freshmen because I know what it feels like to show up on campus without knowing where to go.

The first few weeks of college are critical in campus ministry. It’s a narrow window when freshmen are making friends that will change the direction of their lives, for better or for worse.

I’m giving to Chi Alpha this summer because my life was changed in college and I want the same for new students. I wouldn’t be who I am without God using Chi Alpha to change my life. I know He wants to do the same for many more students.

Thousands of students will get to campus soon who desperately need Jesus to change their lives. Reaching students is difficult and costly, but it is worth every dollar, every hour, every event. I pray that we can invite students into a community that loves them, cares for them and introduces them to Jesus.


Chi Alpha is reaching students with the love of Jesus at NC State. Today, many students arrive at a university campus having never heard about Jesus. Yet 8 out of 10 people who do not choose to follow Jesus by age 25 never will.

College students are our future. Soon, they will lead nations, communities and families. Imagine if they did so while living out a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Students are the most strategic mission field on the planet. Invest in a student and you invest in the world. Would you consider partnering with us in both this summer? Help us raise $5,000 to reach the 5,000 new students at NC State.

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