Asking Hard Questions

Laurisha Cotton is an alumna of Evangel University. Here is her observation of Chi Alpha communities.

laurisha cotton.JPG

America seems to be getting more divisive every day. The past two years has been a challenging time for young christians faced with questions of black and white in a gray world. For many students, this is the first time they start having questions surrounding spirituality, something they known, but now wrestling with the duality of Christianity. 

XA creates communities that foster holistic growth. Students have a safe place to ask life's hardest questions. They meet people where they are, because they realize faith is a journey. There will be obstacles, life is hard, but there is also hope.


Chi Alpha is reaching students with the love of Jesus at NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. University students drive culture and will influence the world we live in very soon. Impacting a student means investing in a generation.

In a world that continues to shift and change, we pray that students would see Jesus as the one who never changes. That's why we build communities where students can ask hard questions and make their faith their own.

Students are the most strategic mission field on the planet. Would you consider partnering with us in both this summer? Help us raise $10,000 to reach the 10,000 new students on our Triangle campuses.

Make a strategic investment for a strategic time.

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