Paige Staton - Why I Serve

Paige Staton is on staff with Chi Alpha at NC State as a campus missionary. She’s new to Raleigh, but she loves what God is doing at NCSU. Here’s her reason for serving on staff with Chi Alpha!

I've known I wanted to be involved in full-time ministry since I was a young teenager at an altar during an Arizona youth camp. I always assumed I would work in a church as a pastor since that's what I had seen growing up. The Lord, however, has consistently placed me outside the walls of the church - working with an apartment ministry and missionary work in Mexico. But when I was introduced to the work of Chi Alpha on the university campus, I knew that I had found my sweet spot. 


The strategic nature of working with students who are making such big decisions about who they will be was so compelling. I literally have the chance to help shape the trajectory of their lives - what a privilege! I can't imagine a more impactful ministry than walking with students through the Word, challenging them to dream big dreams and then watching as they obey God and make an impact for the kingdom. 

Specifically, I love that in Chi Alpha I can use my unique giftings to contribute to reaching students with the Gospel. My experience in graphic design has been so useful in designing shirts, promo and websites all for the purpose of connecting new students with our message. This year, I also get to use my event planning gifts as I lead the Events team to brainstorm new ideas on how to reach and befriend students across our campus. 

I am so thankful that all these years after God called me into ministry, He has placed me in what I consider to be the most incredible job in the world - reconciling students to Christ!

Chi Alpha is raising money this summer to reach the next generation of students. We believe God wants to bring students to Jesus through Chi Alpha at NC State. Would you consider making a one-time gift or setting up a monthly pledge to help us empower students to grow in their faith?

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