Inviting Into Community

Molly Mathews is the Women’s Peer Team Leader at NC State XA. Molly graduated from NCSU with her Masters in Social Work. She and her husband Jon have a heart to see young people come to know Jesus and experience life, and life to the full.


I came to NCSU from a small school with a graduating class of only 38 students- so you can imagine my shock when I stepped onto NC State’s campus as just one of almost 5,000 freshmen. On such a big campus, it was easy to feel lonely, sad, and lost.

As a freshman, it was really difficult to find other students who were serious about their faith. I met a lot of students who ‘grew up Christian’ but wanted to explore other belief systems and life styles or students who had absolutely no interest in who Jesus is and why he should affect the way they live.

It quickly became obvious to me that I needed to find a group of people who were serious about their faith- not because that was how they grew up but because they genuinely wanted to follow Jesus. I found that authentic community in Chi Alpha.

At the first Chi Alpha event I went too, I was quickly welcomed in and felt seen; it was obvious that the students in Chi Alpha were genuine about their faith and following Jesus. From that first event, I knew I had found my ‘home away from home’. 

 After graduating from NC State, I felt God calling me back to work with Chi Alpha. Authentic community or a lack of it can dictate one’s college experience and the habits and decisions they make, which will effect them long into the future. Because of this, I think it is important for there to be real and authentic community at NC State for students to get plugged into, whether they are looking for their own “home away from home” or simply are looking for a safe place to ask hard questions.

I serve with Chi Alpha because I want every single incoming freshman to feel seen and valuable, so that students have an authentic community to call theirs, and so that students can ask real questions and get real answers about Jesus. 


NC State XA is planning an incredible fall outreach to new students designed to welcome them into deep community where they can learn about Jesus. Many stores begin because a freshmen is invited to an outreach event. We can’d do this alone! To partner financially with Chi Alpha this year, click below! Thank you!

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