Today They Learn, Tomorrow They Lead

Steve Bortner is the XAi Lead at NC State University. Steve and his wife, Sharon, are veteran campus ministers who focus on reaching international students with the Gospel. XAi (Chi Alpha International) is geared toward establishing friendships and discipleship relationships with international students.


In John the beloved apostle’s Revelation, he records in 7:9 that he saw a great multitude in Heaven gathered from every nation, tribe, people, and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb, and praising their Savior God. We, one day, will be among them, and for all eternity.

Today, there are many people groups’ best and brightest youth who are being educated and trained in our American colleges and universities. NC State’s student population welcomes nearly 3500 of the over 1 Million men and women from 150+ nations who are pursuing undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD degrees, improving their knowledge and gaining experience in various fields, hoping to soon make application of their expertise in launching their careers.

These international students, along with their American peers, will soon lead and influence and direct our nation and the world in the fields of science, technology, medicine, engineering, education, social services, commerce and trade, diplomacy and politics. While building their careers, they will build societies and nations. Perhaps they will also build the Kingdom of God!

Today They Learn, Tomorrow They Lead

In Chi Alpha, we believe the Lord has brought them all here that they might know Him. While here in America and living in our campus communities, many students who are from Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, and other religious cultures and experiences, are coming to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and are recalibrating their lives according to the truth of God’s Word, the Bible. 

Young men and women from around the world, who might have been harder to reach and disciple for Christ while back in their home countries, are befriending Chi Alpha and other Christian American and international classmates who are representing AND presenting Jesus to them.

Welcoming international students into communities of believers which want them to belong even before they believe, Chi Alpha students include these international students in their Bible study small groups, worship gatherings, Sunday church services, meet one-on-one for witness and discipleship, and making friends with each other and with God.

Who better to reach, disciple, train, and equip for future missionary and every-day-life missional witness for Christ among their own people groups and within their careers’ spheres of influence than international students who are studying on our American campuses today!

Help NC State Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship disciple the nations on our campus!

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