Way to go team!

Hey Servant Leaders!

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work this past week. You all have been doing a phenomenal job, whether you’re out meeting new students, following up with international students, or making connections while tabling.


What we do isn’t about making Chi Alpha look good. It’s about welcoming people into a community where they can see and experience an authentic relationship with Jesus, and you are all doing a fantastic job at bringing people in!

It can be hard to see everything that God is doing, and sometimes it’s frustrating when we don’t get texts back or when it’s hard to make a good connection. But every time we get back out there and keep trying, I believe God is overjoyed.

This week, let’s keep looking for those God-moments! Today at the student involvement fair, Jennifer and her new roommate Maddie stopped by the Chi Alpha table. As Maddie talked with Tyler and got more info about events, she told him she’d be at every Chi Alpha event because Jennifer had invited her. How awesome is that?!

Tonight we’re kicking off our first event, the Donut Bar! It’s an event you donut want to miss!! (Sorry, sorrry, I couldn’t resist!). We’ll be on main campus and Centennial at 6:30. Let’s make sure we keep inviting the people we’ve already met, and be ready to connect with new students while we’re there! Who knows what God may be doing?

If you have students coming with you tonight, focus on that! If you aren’t bringing a group, come early to help set up and be ready to connect with new friends.

Thank you for continuing to press in and trust God through this first week! Keep up the great work!

Special shoutout to Brad! He tried Indian food for the first time last week at an Independence Day party, then followed up with the same group of internationals to set up a time to teach them how to fish!

Chi Alpha NC