Megan - Going Deeper

Megan Coates is a graduate of Chi Alpha at NC State. Here, she shares how she got involved in Chi Alpha during welcome week because of a friend’s invitation.

Arriving at NC State, I was eager to be involved on campus. I grew up in a Christian home and had personally surrendered my life to Christ over a year before beginning college. I wanted to find a group of student believers. My freshman year I visited many Christian fellowships, but I struggled to find a group where I felt a sense of belonging.

Freshman year ended with excitement about new opportunities on campus and discouragement in the search for a Christian group. I found organizations to serve in and I was busy; however, I still didn’t participate in fellowship with other student believers. To be quite honest, by the end of my freshman year I was done looking for a Christian fellowship. I had a church back home that wasn’t faraway. I thought maybe Christian student groups weren’t for me.

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The summer after my freshman year I was taking a Spanish class, and I met a student who was involved with Chi Alpha. We were speaking partners throughout the class. When the fall semester began, she invited me to Chi Alpha’s student events. I said “no,” but, my friend was persistent. She continued to invite me to Chi Alpha events. After several rejections, I finally accepted her invitation.

My first experience with Chi Alpha was at a large event on Harris Field. It was an exciting event that pulled me in. It wasn’t particularly unusual when compared with other student events, but something was different. Immediately, I was struck by how genuine and kind everyone was to me. I felt loved and accepted from the start.

I was introduced to a life group leader, Molly, who invited me to her small group. With the help of Stephanie, another small group leader who drove me and a group of other ladies, I was able to begin attending small group. I loved the openness of the discussion. Even though I didn’t know anyone in the group at first, I felt comfortable and able to share. I began to make friends with the girls in my group, and I looked forward to small group every week!

Soon it was time to sign up for spring break mission trips. I felt God calling me to participate. After praying and waiting, I knew the trip to San Francisco was for me! That trip was a huge turning point. Jesus used my time in San Francisco to show me the need to be missions-minded regardless of my vocation. During this time, I began to understand that missions isn’t just for vocational missionaries – we’re all called to go and make disciples.

Returning from San Francisco, I knew I wanted to “give a year” to full-time ministry. I wasn’t sure where I would go to serve Jesus, but I knew I was called. Fast forward to my junior year and the World Missions Summit – I began to seriously consider serving abroad. Through a series of God orchestrated circumstances and meetings, I realized my call to Thailand. Now I have one month left of my “give a year” in Lampang, Thailand.

My walk with the Lord has grown so much. I know I will never be the same. I am so thankful that God put Chi Alpha in my life. The friendship, servant leadership, and discipleship I experienced during my time in Chi Alpha changed the trajectory of my life.


Every year, Christian freshmen arrive on campus. They need more than just a way to ‘stay Christian.’ Chi Alpha intentionally mentors and disciples Christian students to help them grow in their faith and continue the investment of their parents and home church. To partner financially with Chi Alpha this year and help grow future missionaries, click below! Thank you!

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